What is Dowsing
by Joe Smith
There are numerous definitions for the name dowsing. Few mention that it is actually a way of life. People who get into dowsing, either for other people or just for themselves, learn to depend on the tools they use. Dowsing becomes a knowing; a dowser becomes like a lie detector or a weather forecaster. People use dowsing for the stock market, trip planning and for much more.
They use it to test their cows to see which ones are bred; they ask which watermelon is the best one for them.
They ask: Which vitamins do I need, and how many? Is this prescription safe for me? If so, how many do I take each day? There is no end to the ways dowsing can be-and is-used every day.
The name ‘water witching’ was used for years to describe the art of dowsing for water. People used forks of tree limbs, and some still do.
There was the idea that you needed a different type tree for a different need. Did it work? Yes, it did work because the fellow believed it would.
The answer is not in the tools you use; it is in your mind. Don’t discount anybody’s ideas; for them it works, and you can’t beat success.
Dowsing has been around for centuries. There is nothing new about it. Story after story of things the experts pooh-pooh have happened and have been recorded.
But really, who cares what the so called experts think? As long as I know from experience that it works, that is all need to know.
My wife and I teach dowsing and have for a number of years.
Every time we teach a class, we learn something new from the people in the classes. We don’t claim to know it all. There is always somebody who comes up with a new method, or even an old one, that we hadn’t tried.
We then mark that down in our memory book, which ain’t as good as it once was.
There is a whole other phase of dowsing, which is dowsing about detrimental energy, and finding it by dowsing. The dowsing tools are a lot more sensitive than any tool on the market today. This is just one more way that you can use dowsing. It might just save your life someday. All of these methods can be learned very easily if you just make up your mind that YES, it can work.
A dowser will go out of his way to help people find water, lost dogs, lost cats (which is a hard job), lost planes, people and anything else he thinks he can. There have been some amazing thing happen because of dowsing. Just today I learned some new methods for searching for lost items from an old friend. He was telling me different ways to do things, and they made good sense. The ASD is trying to find a good definition of what dowsing is. Me, I think it is just a way of life, something you learn to depend on in all your decision making. If you can come up with a better one, be my guest. Dowsing can be used for healing yourself. Of course, they don’t teach that in medical school. It doesn’t make the doctors and the drug companies any money. My wife and I have been doing this for a long time. The power of the mind is an amazing thing. A doctor can give you a sugar pill and you get well, because you believe you will. The pill didn’t do anything but you thought it would, and that was all it took to get you well.
Well, that is a deep subject. Being we are water dowsers and there are a few hundred other things we do with dowsing. My wife (Marta) and I have been dowsing for about 35 years more or less. I am a past trustee of 4 years and I am a Regional Vice President for probably that long. I was born in New Mexico in 1932 and worked on ranches every chance I got. I am a welder, farmer, dowser and dowsing instructor. My wife and I are well known in the dowsing world. For me, dowsing is a way of life! This is my first chance to write a novel that has a lot of facts in it!