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Karma Yoga at ASD

Karma Yoga Opportunities at the 2018 Convention

There are many ways to learn and do Karma Yoga and ASD's National Convention & Expo is perfect. Being part of the Convention Team that provides volunteer services to the participants is a great opportunity to practice service. Volunteering for just one or two 4 - hour shifts can provide good karma and a rewarding experience of total awareness.

Nearly every participant recognizes how much your contribution of time and positive energy helps to keep our conventions going and how much you add to their overall experience. This year we have a multitude of speakers, socials, evening programs, workshops, vendors and wellness practitioners that need good volunteers to assist.

If you are on hard times financially, we can try to plan out a work exchange program for you. To earn a full convention, non-members need 18 hours and members need 15. A large number of work exchangers will work for a few hours to help lower the overall cost and still provide time to participate and learn. You are expected to provide a credit card or check to cover whatever the balance due unless you have worked with us before. You will be notified before any charges are made.

In order to be considered a volunteer, convention must be paid in full in advance. Volunteers do not receive free convention or compensation. You will receive great Karma Yoga and lots of appreciation.

If there is a particular speaker you would like to hear, we try our best to honor that request with members receiving priority.

If you can only give us one morning or one afternoon of true volunteer time, you will earn lots of karma yoga.

Review the volunteer job descriptions and decide which hours will work into your schedule and join the Karma Yoga Team as either a Work Exchanger or a Volunteer.
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