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Lone Star Dowsers Meet March 13th

We all enjoyed Teresa Maron's energetic and educational talk February.  Thanks, Teresa!

March 13th Meeting Laura Halfin will tell us about some of her experiences communicating with animals. Laura will give us some pointers on how to do our own communications.  She plans to incorporate some of the attendee's pets.  So, bring a picture of your pet. 

April 10h Meeting  Dr Sam Semir Osmanagic will speak on dowsing and archeology.  He will also tell us about the Bosnian pyramids.  Dr Sam is the discoverer of and has been the principal investigator on the “Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids”.

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Our meetings start 7:15 pm - 9:00.   Central Market, 3815 Westheimer and Weslayan upstairs.  
(We eat together @ 6:30 from the deli. )

For more info, please page Gail @ 713 761 1123#.

Our Web site is, thanks to True Heart (Shiana Tea).
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