Tuscon Dowsers April Presentation

Tuscon Dowsers April Presentation

Saturday, April 14th starting at 1:00 PM US/Mountain and ending at 3:00 PM.

Title:  You, Your Life and 2012—The Numinous Mayan Calendar and Culture” with Lynn Gardner

Description:  Lynn will provide you with the optimistic information gathered from the Mayan Xamans of Guatemala and Mexico on their "2012 and beyond" understandings of their calendar. The Xamans are doing preparations/portal ceremonies. You too can experience accessing the portal energy in simple ways  

Lynn will also guide you into a deep receptive place of clear consciousness where you will be able to receive the exciting vision/experience of future times. It is a time for each of us to evolve more fully, and not entertain fear-based predictions.

Come and hear how Lynn interprets information dowsing with her hands, and how you can too! Using the art of dowsing to reveal information on interesting objects and international and local sites can give you much satisfaction

You are invited to come early (the doors open at noon) with a notebook for an opportunity to dowse some ancient items for yourself before Lynn identifies them!

There will be a follow-up workshop Sunday, April 15th. Contact Lynn for details.

Bio:  Lynn is a professional motivational speaker, consultant, innovative teacher and visionary and aids in the development of untapped human and spiritual capacities. Her clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small and medium-sized companies, non-profit corporations and individuals.

Lynn has been evaluated as an intuitive, medium and trance channel by Dr William Roll at the Psychical Research Foundation at Duke University. She has been seen and heard on national, regional television and radio shows.

Lynn does private sessions and trainings for individuals and small groups. She also leads small group "Journeys of Transformation" to sacred sites around the world.

Follow-up workshop Sunday, April 15th. Contact Lynn for details

To contact Lynn: (520) 749-0291,,

$5.00 Suggested Donation - Open to the Public


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