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2012 National Convention - SO MUCH To Tell You!

Ancient Mysteries...Dowsing...Pathways to the Future is shaping up into a profound, philosophical, fun, technical,  and active convention.. The 2012 ASD  Convention Committee has so much to tell you that we hardly know where to start. So let's start with the beginning.

Pre-convention, June 6th and 7th, as well as  Post-convention, June 11th, will be one of our most exciting convention workshop periods ever.  In addition to our well known and unique Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Dowsing Schools, look for the announcement highlighting a group of very different and dynamic workshops.  These are not just long lectures; they are being designed to be actual workshops.

Make a note that we have made a change in Spa Corner.  At  your suggestions, we have renamed the area the "Wellness Corner"  to reflect more closely what our practitioners do.

For newcomers, the Corner is a constellation of individuals who practice all types of modalities to assist you in your life's journey.  They cover all levels--body, mind & spirit. Every year we offer a different array of services.  We are keeping the client fees and donation portion  to ASD the same as previous years.   Any practitioner interested in joining and networking with others can complete the Practitioner's Application that is on the ASD website and you will be contacted with all the details.

We expect to offer different schools of meditation throughout the convention in various formats so watch for information in future announcements and in the program when any type of meditation is part of a lecture.  You will see many of our regular vendors and several new ones---some with cutting-edge products.  The ASD Bookstore  will move to convention for the entire week so be prepared to shop, think, compare, decide, and shop some more.

Discussion groups are making their way into the schedule.  Any suggestions on topics? Email or call the ASD office at 802/684-3417 with your ideas.

Core convention opens Thursday evening,  June 7th,  and this year be prepared for a very unconventional opening program.  June 8th, 9th, and 10th will be filled with over 60 lectures, mini-workshops, very early morning activities, and late into the evening special events. 

Speaking of the unconventional....Michael Tellinger will be our keynote speaker.  Michael does not shy away from controversial subject areas and his research may change your thinking about why we are where we are today and how we got here.  He has been described as "shattering myths."  An engineer reported that in a sense he regretted coming upon Michael's latest  books and research because they were "mind-cracking."  

Yes, his name may be familiar as Michael is an accomplished musician, actor, producer, radio show host, and creator of award winning children's educational programs. However it is Michael's books, worldwide conferences and specifically his research that are causing biologists, anthropologists, archeologists, and historians alike to squirm and re-think some of our most accepted philosophies and theories.  

Is our moon 'natural?" What is Adam's Calendar and why is its discovery causing such unrest?  Whether you agree with Zecharia Sitchin or not, Michael's talk and workshop will lead you to new possibilities about our history and perhaps shed some light onto our Ancient Mysteries and how these could influence our Future.

We're looking forward to seeing and talking with you  and we love meeting all the new dowsers who are coming into ASD and helping us shape the future.  Remember that even if you travel to convention alone, you are not really alone at an ASD Convention. Join us in June!


The 2012 ASD Convention Committee
Sandi Ruelke & Annette Weis, Co-Chairs    

Tipi Halsey, Sandra Isgro, Rene Lincoln, Queenie Puryear, Roberta Thompson, and special assistants in charge of Odds & Ends, Tom Ruelke & Chris Weis

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