By Anneliese Hagemann
Table of Contents

Table of Contens 2
Guidelines For Dowsing 3
Karma and Its Influences 4
Kinds of Karma 5
Personal Karma 5
Karma of Others 5
Group Karma 5
Conscious Choice Karma 5
Karmic Record 5
Possible Sources of Karmic Influences 6
Resolution of Karmic Influences 6
Working with Influential Forces towards Our Enlightenment 7
Ask About the Purposes and Types of Influential Forces
(Possessions, Entities, Attachments, Afflictions, etc.) Involved 7
Cautions About Attracting Unwanted Forces 9
Possible Effects or Afflictions Resulting from Unwanted Forces 10
Guidelines: What to Do Before Working with Influential Forces 10
Examine Your Relationships 11
Protect Oneself with Prayer 12
Protect Oneself with Remedies 14
Always Ask for Permission, the Key 14
Removing Unwanted Forces 15
Beginning the Balance 15
Resolutions and Prayers to Remove Influential Forces 16
3 H Dowsing International published books
Written by Anneliese and Doris Hagemann 18