White Jade connects with the spiritual realm to support happiness and harmony. It promotes material abundance. This white jade agate is great in the decision making process when dowsing as it blocks distractions. It works primarily with the heart chakra.

This pendulum can be effectively used for aura cleansing, clearing, connecting with spirit guides, past life recall, dream interpretation, and protection issues.

This pendulum has a stainless steel chamber.
It weighs about 16 grams, about 2 inches long, and has a 9/16 inch diameter. All chain variations usually have a matching bead at the end. When no matching bead is available, we put an 8mm clear quartz crystal bead on the end of the chain.

Remember, not all gemstones are exactly alike, expect slight variations from the photo pictured here.

You can choose either a stainless steel vibration-free bead chain or a stainless steel curb chain also designed not to vibrate.