Virtual Cone is a sophisticated, yet simple to use, color pendulum. It is used to determine the emission of energy from living organisms, measure the radiation of shapes, and detect the vibration of colors.
The Virtual Cone Pendulum was developed by two French Dowsers: Andre de Balizal and Leo Chaumery. It consists of a sharp pointed shaft with a movable ring. The shaft has been marked with black lettering indicating the positions for the spectrum of visible light and part of the spectrum of invisible light. The movable ring has a PIN, which should always be kept away from the black lettering so as not to wear on the lettering. The movable ring also has a LID which should always beFACING UP when placed on the shaft in order to detect Horizontal or Beneficial energies. When the Lid is down, one is detecting Vertical or Non-Beneficial energies. When we Dowse, we go into resonance with the energies we are dowsing, therefore the detecting of the Vertical energies should be kept to a minimum.
The Virtual Cone, (previously known as Fictional Cone), got its name from the fact that when the Pendulum is set to a particular colour, the rotation of the Pendulum creates an invisible (fictional, virtual) cone of energy between the lower edge of the movable ring and the lower pointed end of the pendulum’s shaft. This Cone of energy is in direct relation to the wavelength of that particular colour. Although the Virtual Cone Pendulum is one of only a few highly specialized pendulums, it is nevertheless easy to use and therefore even less skilled Dowsers can easily work with it. It is important to remember that the small ring, which is attached to the top of the main ring must always face up (it does not apply to the small, brass unit, which has no top ring and detects only the magnetic aspect of colours).
On the string three points are marked (measure from point of Pendulum & save these measurements for future use in case beads are moved):
– first is meant to determine emission of energy from living organisms;
– second is meant to measure radiation of the shapes (shape-caused waves)
– third is to detect vibration of colours.
The Virtual Cone Pendulum is mostly used in dowsing to determine:
balance of colours (chakra system) in human energy field;
emission of energy from organs of the body;
environmental colour balancing (in houses, offices, etc.);
researching shapes in relation to colours;
and many more specialized applications taught during Alicja’s training courses.