Table of Contents

Editors Desk by Sybil Carey 4

Presidents Comments by Sandee Mac 7

In Memoriam

Tipi Halsey 10

Richard D Wright 10

Conventional Wisdom

I Give Thanks by Don Taylor 16

The ASD Convention from the Perspective of a Dutch Participant

by Frida Stoop 17

Into 2012 and Beyond

This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius by David Price Francis 20

Planting Seeds for Transformation by Christan Hummel 25

Dowsing Our Path by Brian L Crissey, PhD 28

Learning About Dowsing

Beginners Dowsing Column, Entry #7 by Greg Storozuk 36

Asking Questions by John Living 41

Dowsing and the Implicate Order by Richard D Wright 45

Hints for Informational Dowsing and Dowsing in General

by Jack Livingston and Joan McFarlane 54

Lost and Found

Dowsing for Missing Persons by Ted Kaufman 56

The Many Faces of Dowsing

The Mastodon Project Update by Susan Collins 58

On Becoming A Dowser by Cary Mangum 67

The Story of El Chan by Cynthia Sterling 70

Dowsing for a Trip by Rochelle Weithorn 74

Planting Trees and Leaf Mulching by Allen Brandes 77

Beyond the French Coil by Allen Brandes 80

Water for Humanity

Water for Humanity News Update by Steven G Herbert 85

Water for Humanity Annual Report 97