Table of Contents

Presidents Message – Tipi Halsey

Spring Editor – Jerry Burt

Summer Editor – Tonie Weller

Operations Manager – Arvid Johnson

Publications Committee – Joya Clark

Secretarys Message – Marna Ehrech

Convention Committee – Cyndi Brush

Who is Robert Haig Coxon? – Joya Clark (with Robert Coxon)

As the Mad River Flows – Beverly Kehoe

Dolphins and Whales – Mary “Mo” Wheeler, Ph.D.

Tri-State Dowsers – March 2007

Dreams – Dean McClanahan

Dowsing Trip – Joe Smith

Betseys Angel – Kendra Jean Davis

Peace Pole Project – Paul Bennett

Curt or Kurt – Jim Kuebelbeck

Dowsing Stories – Jean Jorgensen

Dowsing – Lawrence Davis

Ancient Mayan Sacred Geometry – Lucretia “Cricket” Hanna

In Memoriam

Soul Found – Steven M. Dwyer

Dowsing an Independent Gardens – John M. Meloney

Dowsing Wells: Asking Enough Questions! – Louis Matacia

Suspended Disbelief – Scott Anderson

Are You Dowsing or Divining – Frank Jordan

The Age of Cause Let Us Heal – Mike Wanner

Dowsing in the Nude – Mike Wanner

Noxious Veins – Andrew Hepburn

Trustee Election Results

Bookstore News – Scot Foxx

A Shamanic Power Contest – Carole W. MacIntyre

“G” Rods – Dean McClanahan

Dowsing, What It Is Used For? – Author Unknown

Conical Helices (Parts II & III) – Jeffrey S. Keen

The Use of Intent – Constant A. Madon, Ph.D.

Tones for Types “Music To My Ears” – Mary “Mo” Wheeler, Ph.D.

Annual Membership Meetings minutes, June 20, 2006