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Cisterns of Ancient Turkey

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Follow up to “Lords Prayer”

2002 Awards

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Dowsing Irish Round Towers Allen J. Heiss

7 Advice of Mevlana

Invocative Pranic Healing: A Unique Dowsing Experience Jack E. Lampe

Using the Power of Prayer to Change Our World Christan Hummel

Initiating Water & Sanitation Projects in Haiti and the Dominican Republic Part I Steve G. Herbert

Minutes of the 43rd Annual Membership Meeting

Life of An Old Dowser/WouldBe Healer Joe Smith

Increase Your Dowsing Accuracy Through Blind Dowsing

Radiesthesia and Modern Architecture Dawoud Khalil Messiha

Dowser of the Year Combines Humanitarianism, Environmentalism and Metaphysics Linda Hill

The Art of Dowsing Davis Alexander, MMD

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The Meeting of Ancient and Modern Worlds Christan Hummel

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