Statement of Healing 1

ASD Trustees & Headquarters 2

Regional Vice Presidents 3

Presidents Comments by Sandee Mac 5

The ASD Trust Fund 7

Headquarters Happenings by Nathan Platt 8

Volunteers The Heart Of ASD by Nathan Platt 9

Editors Desk by Gina Barkovitch & Albie Barden 10

Dowsing Down The Lane by William T. Dawson 11

The Question Is The Key by Lorraine Adinolfi 12

Lightworkers Gather For 53rd Annual Convention 14

Southwest Dowsing Conference 17

How Dowsing Found Me by Sharon Schroeder 18

Called By A Stone by Albie Barden 21

Energies by Hugh J. Vaughan 25

Power Centres by Maria Wheatley 30

Notes From A Dowsing Teacher: Earth Energy Lines by Marty Cain 39

How The Fibonacci Spiral May Change Your Dowsing Rod Success

by Robert W. Bray 46

Nutrient Density Using Energetic Agriculture; An On-Farm Research Study by Lisa McCory, Karen Eddings and Steven Herbert 48

A Water Story by Carolyn Bronz .51

Water Witch or Water-Finder by Daniel Durken 54

Water For Humanity by Steve Herbert 59

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