ASD Trustees & Headquarters 1

Regional Vice Presidents 2

ASD Past Presidents 3

Editors Desk by Gina Barkovitch & Albie Barden 4

Presidents Comments by Sandee Mac 5

Farwell to Nathan Platt by ASD Trustees 8

Introducing Our New Operations Manager 9

Headquarters Happenings 10

Volunteers Are The Heart Of ASD 12

The ASD Trust Fund 13A Novice Learns To Dowse by Melissa Ambers 14

Vermont 2013 Was The Frosting On My Cake by Don Black 15

Dowsing And Chaga by Jax Willey 18

The T Word by Kathryn Deputat 21

Down Home Dowsing by Marty Lucas 25

The Gift That Keeps On Giving by Holly Richardson 26

The Montgomery Experience by Bill Getz 28

Novelty Pendulumns by Joan Nathanson 30

Building A Sacred Rock Wall By Albie Barden 34

Fracking by Marty Cain 37Water For Humanity by Steve Herbert 39

Dowsing Soil Nutrient Levels by Steven G Herbert 47

Editors Addendum by Gina Barkovitch 56Chimney And Vortexes by Richard Benishai 57

Twenty-First Century Medicine by Terry Ross 66

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