by Dean Fraser
Fully Expanded and Illustrated 18th Anniversary Edition of Top Ten Bestseller. The art of dowsing with a pendulum is in reality remarkably simple and easy. It may sound more than a little complicated when described, however, once you are happily dowsing for yourself you will agree it really is simple and easy! Discover how you can use a pendulum for among other things testing food and drink,decision making, finding lost articles, psychic development, landscape/ley line hunting, discovering where to go on holiday or the perfect location to live, gold or oil prospecting, to answer virtually any question or unravel the truth. Combining invaluable advice with the remarkable insights on how and when to use a pendulum – inspirational and truly original guide to dowsing for pretty much anything! If you thought dowsing was just for finding water, read on and enrich your life. • Spiritual England said: “it’s a lovely, life-affirming, amusing, inspiring and also very practical book “ • Psychic News said: “the author challenges you to discover the meaning of dowsing” • Indie Shaman Magazine said “advice on how to dowse with a pendulum plus some ideas on things you can dowse for….written in an informal style”