The Universal Pendulum was developed as a result of profound studies of the Egyptian Pyramids and Sphinx, where a distinct pattern of vibrations appearing at certain angles related to the colours of the visible and invisible spectrums of light have been observed and measured. These angles and corresponding vibrations were constant in their appearances and further confirmed as a pattern created by the sun’s rays reaching the Earth.

Today Universal Pendulum is well known and applied not only for researching but mostly for health assessment and balancing purposes. Its uniqueness lies – among other aspects – in the ability to distinguish between very high frequencies marked only on UP such as: Gamma-, X- or Alpha and Beta rays, to mention just a few.

In this lecture Alicja explains the construction of Universal Pendulum, it’s unique power and whole set of treatments: for yourself and for others. The knowledge is very ancient, the approach – very modern. Truly worth to implement in your life!