By Sig Lonegren
The pendulum is a tool that bridges the gap between the logical left brain and the intuitive right brain. By interpreting the movements of a swinging pendulum, you can tune into your intuition, find the answer to any question, and locate objects and energy centers in the earth.
This completely self-contained kit includes everything you need to become an expert dowser, including a pendulum with cord and a 128-page instruction book with exercises, dowsing charts, astrology charts, and maps that show you how to:

* interpret every movement of the pendulum even if it makes none

* answer questions about your health, love life, career and potential talents

* use the Sun Sign, Planet and Astrological Houses Charts for divination

* forecast the weather and temperature

* predict future scores and events

* find underground reserves of water or oil

* locate lost objects

* discover sacred site energy centers and ley lines

* determine which foods are most and least healthful for you

* devise your own flower remedies

* create and use other dowsing tools like L-rods and Y-rods

With your personal pendulum, you will have the key to unlocking the mysteries of the earth and its energy fields and tapping the unlimited potential of your own mind.