Once upon a time there was a little girl who was poor but a very good person. She went out of her way to do good in her small hamlet of Manheim, Pennsylvania. She had a very sweet temperament, and the townsfolk thought nothing of asking her to run errands (think along the lines of Cinderella and you get the picture). One day as she was strolling along the street close to her home, a neighbor came running out and asked if she could take their dog for a walk. Of course she agreed, and soon other neighbors took advantage of her kindness and brought their dogs out as well. She soon had 10 dogs of varying sizes and dispositions under her care, but she kept walking and smiling and humming to herself. Suddenly a squirrel darted into her path, and Winky, a Boston Terrier, went bounding after that squirrel. Poor girl, she lost her footing and Winky was soon on the loose. He wasted no time darting far and away. Panting, she ran through the town with the pack to chase after him. She found him lounging at the top of the stairs on an unfamiliar porch at the very edge of town. “Winky!” she admonished him. As she bent to scoop up his leash, the door of the dilapidated house squeaked open, and there before her was a wizened, ancient lady. “Come in, my dear,” she offered. Hesitant, but always believing in and wanting to do good, the girl obeyed. After a spot of jasmine tea for the mysterious lady and a Coca-Cola with ice for the girl, the elder passed on the story held within the pages of this book. Before they parted, she told the girl to always believe in herself and believe in the power of love and life. She encouraged the youngster to put the story into book form for others’ enrichment as well. Years later the girl rose above her dire situation in life with the publishing of this now famous book. She continued to do good in the world and donated much to others in need. May you find the wisdom of this story as enriching as she did!