Revised by Bill Cox
Dowsing Auras and Thoughtforms (Limited edition; a collector’s item.)

This is a graphic account of the late Master Dowser, Verne L. Cameron’s early discoveries outlining the aura and vital energy fields surrounding the human body.

Read about Cameron’s dramatic encounters, reportedly with the Angelic and Spirit worlds, by means of his remarkable, documented Dowsing skills.

Follow his exciting research experiments with pyramid models, cones, Eeman circuit screens, signature emanations and other noteworthy tests of paranormal phenomena.

Explore with Cameron, Max Freedom Long (author of books on Kahuna Polynesian Magic)and Borderline Sciences researcher, Meade Layne, their careful investigations of man’s higher bodies using the Original Cameron Aurameter.

Super normal experiments were conducted during seances with the late, world famous medium Mark Probert, searching for answers to “life on the other side”.