by Bill Kerrell and Kathy Goggin

Here’s a thoroughly researched, illustrated book with Guidelines given for designing and building your own experimental pyramid of any size. Revealed within its pages are numerous biological and nonbiological tests made with model replicas of the Great Pyrami in Egypt.

Part I: Contains information about the nature of Pyramid Energy: How to prove it and use it. Food and beverage taste tests are followed by plant and pet experiments; all with test preparations and results shown. This portion of the book investigates an evaluation of psychological effects; claims and disclaimers associated with so-called Pyramid Power.

Part II: Further covers pyramid theories and experiments plus Dowsing for Pyramid emanations. novel investigation of gems, stones and minerals in connection with this type of research is added. ther chapters include photos of business and dwelling pyramids. Diagrams of the Great Pyramid’s interior chambers suggest the Great Pyramid’s purpose and relationship with cosmic events.