by Robert E. Detzler
This Revised Edition presents basic instruction for using a pendulum to dowse subconscious mind and past lives. Learn how to research and clear blocking memories and release earthbound souls. Includes: case studies, work outline and 4 charts.

* Understand your three minds — subconscious, conscious, and super-conscious
* Research the subconscious
* Pendulum dowse for answers
* Clear traumatic memories
* Release blocking energies
* Change past life records
* Contact your High Self for guidance
* Assist earthbound souls
* Help clear blocks for friends
Author Bio: Robert E. Detzler originated Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and co-founded Spiritual Response Association (SRA). Through Robert’s books, he provides explanation and examples to train individuals to do their own energy healing for finding greater health, happiness, and prosperity. He taught not only in the USA and Canada, but also in Europe, Greece, South America, and Asia. His trained certified consultants and teachers who use this energy technique are all around the world. He encouraged all students to join the Spiritual Response Association’s world-wide community