by Nigel Percy

What is the most important part of dowsing? The tool you use? The results you get? Or is it something else instead? Something less obvious?

Instead of looking at dowsing from the point of view of what your results might or might not say about your ability, the author suggests that there is a better way of thinking about this simple, natural skill. He shows that science and scientific validation are not useful or even necessary to pursue, but that a more personal approach and understanding are what really counts. Using examples and ideas from many sources, he challenges you, the dowser, new or experienced, to look at what it is you really do, what it is that really happens when you dowse. That is, he argues, the essence of dowsing. And, too often, it is ignored or overlooked, to the detriment of your full potential as a dowser.

This philosophical and erudite work is for passionate dowsers who want to think deeply about dowsing; it is not a ‘how to’ guide, nor is it a shallow, quick read. “The Essence Of Dowsing” will challenge you to think about what dowsing means to you and give you the ability to speak intelligently and persuasively about this interesting subject.