Before there was time and space, before there was a Cosmos, long, long before there existed entities that would someday wonder about such things, there was only eternal, as yet physically unmanifested, energy, pregnant with possibility. Eventually there would come vibration, leading to light in its entire quantum splendor. And the vibration, the energy, began to coalesce into particles of shape and form. But quantum reality insists that when two particles are once joined, they remain forever one, connected in ways far beyond our ability to fully understand. Distance cannot separate them. Neither can experience. No matter how far apart their journey takes them, they remain forever entangled. So it is with this physically manifested creation. Separateness is an illusion. Everything that exists – rock, tree, animal and human – consists of vibrating energy and is infused with the consciousness of the Cosmos. But human entities are, so far as we know at least, the first to retain both the energy of consciousness and the ability to contemplate it – to remember what we once were: creatures of energy with feet solidly planted upon Gaia, but with souls that seek the mystery of earth magic.