Nigel and Maggie Percy

If you aren’t in the dowsing state, you aren’t dowsing. The dowsing state is the core of the dowsing process. It is an altered state that is different from the normal waking state of the brain and is characterized by not one brain wave, but four types simultaneously. In this book you will learn what the dowsing state is, what scientific studies have shown about it and how you can best access it to make your dowsing more accurate. Anyone can get an answer when dowsing, but without the dowsing state, the answer will be no better than guessing. The Dowsing State will help you master a process that defies description and is usually left out of dowsing courses because it isn’t easy to teach, but is vital for dowsing success. Buy The Dowsing State now and take your dowsing skill to the next level. Once you master the dowsing state, you will be able to use dowsing to transform your life.