The Biofield in Health and Healing

Beverly Rubik, Ph.D.

The biofield is the organizing energy field of life central to healing and integrative health.  It extends from the human body into the surrounding space and entangles each person with one another, the biosphere, and the cosmos.  The biofield is considered to be central to many types of therapies, including all types of energy healing.

An overview on the biofield, including its development at the US National Institutes of Health, scientific foundations, and latest concepts will be presented.  Dr. Rubik will discuss, using visual material and simplified scientific explanations, several ways to assess the biofield, including digital high-voltage electro-photography (similar to Kirlian photography); biophoton counting (counting the photons or particles of light emitted from the hands and chakras); and electrical conductivity measurements of the acupuncture points.  Examples of biofield measurements before and after energy healing and practices such as qigong, meditation, and yoga, will be shown.  Dr. Rubik’s studies show that every energy healing session appears to be unique in terms of the bursts of photons emitted. She will also describe progress on a new type of subtle energy detector under development at her laboratory.

Finally, Dr. Rubik will demonstrate the Bio-Well, a form of digital Kirlian-type camera developed in Russia, for assessing the human biofield, changes in the subtle energy of water and in the environment.  This is a portable device with software that can assess subtle energy changes in just a few minutes and shows how various interventions as well as stressors can impact us.

Beverly Rubik earned her Ph.D. in biophysics at University of California, Berkeley. She is internationally renowned for her pioneering research on the biofield and energy medicine. She is a professor at Energy Medicine University in

Sausalito, CA; and faculty member in the College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences at Saybrook University in Oakland, CA. Rubik serves on the editorial boards of 4 peer-reviewed science and medicine journals. She also consults on maverick wellness products and serves individual health clients.