The Art of Dowsing is a dowsing book written for the left-brained individual who requires an in-depth explanation about what dowsing is, what it is not, why dowsing works and how specific energetic interference can prevent the pendulum from working properly.

Beginning Dowsers: If you want to learn how to properly set-up your dowsing foundation, then this is the book for you.

Experienced Dowsers: If you want to increase your consistency and accuracy levels when dowsing, you will enjoy the reprogramming section and the special section about the laws of nature that make dowsing possible in the first place. You will learn how to:

  • Properly cleanse, charge, store and program your pendulum for maximum consistency and accuracy.
  • Correctly formulate questions, including multiple-choice questions.
  • Avoid questions that are impossible for your pendulum to answer with accuracy.
  • Rise above the grids to assist with neutrality and detachment.
  • Remain in absolute integrity when making inquiries.

This book contains a special dowsing testing area and explains the difference between asking test questions and testing Spirit. Also contained is a section about the influence of polarity, entrainment, and much more.

  • Over 80 student questions are answered.
  • Contains 37 illustrations.
  • Contains dowsing programming charts.

You will also have the chance to download the dowsing charts in full color.


  • What dowsing is.
  • Why dowsing works.
  • When dowsing does not work.
  • How to choose a pendulum.
  • How to cleanse your pendulum.
  • How to charge your pendulum.
  • How to program your pendulum.
  • How to store your pendulum.
  • How to ask yes-no-maybe questions.
  • How to ask multiple-choice questions.
  • How to correctly formulate your dowsing questions.
  • How to avoid asking leading, incomplete, or assumptive questions that are impossible for energy to answer correctly.


  • Dowsing History
  • Programming Charts
  • Dowsing and Integrity
  • Dowsing Practice Exercises
  • Dowsing and the Law of Entrainment
  • List of Global Dowsing Associations
  • Answers to over 80 questions from dowsing students
  • 37 illustrations
  • Includes dowsing charts