By Jude Currivan, Ph.D.

The 7 chakras of the human personality are familiar to anyone working with healing or spiritual awareness. But that consciousness is essentially incomplete. It is the universal heart of the 8th chakra that can offer us the missing key to remember who we truly are. In this astounding book, scientist, healer, and mystic Jude Currivan reveals a revolutionary new perception of the cosmos, reconciling leading-edge science with Spirit and the perennial wisdom of all ages into a universal model of consciousness. She also explains how the energies of eh 8th chakra offer us a path ot spiritual mastery. Both accessible and profound, this groundbreaking work is a practical and empowering guide to our personal and collective spiritual wholeness and shows us how we can: 1.Understand and integrate the principles of cosmic consciousness 2.Reconcile science and Spirit to show not only how the physical world is as it is, but why 3.directly access and embody newly available cosmic energies and higher levels of trans-personal awareness 4. Manifest our soul purpose on Earth.

254 pages