by Tick Gaudreau
When walking on a moonless night past a cemetery, who among us hasn’t felt a bit of a chill when a twig snaps nearby or a night bird takes flight? Just about everyone has either encountered a ghost or heard an anecdote about a haunting. But why do ghosts haunt in the first place? Is there a reason they do not simply leave?Author Tick Gaudreau provides the answers you need to these common questions. Spirit Rescue presents his intriguing experiences with different types of haunting spirits. Utilizing specialized techniques, he has worked with spirits in a safe, respectful, and loving manner. Gaudreau shares these methods with you to help you identify different types of spiritual beings.Gaudreau also presents the fascinating true stories behind many of his spiritual encounters, including tales of his Spirit Rescues-a way to help earthbound spirits leave this plane and continue their journey. Both informative and entertaining, Spirit Rescue offers an exhilarating look at the spiritual world from the perspective of one who knows it best.