by Amalia Camatero
Earth shares the spirit of its wisdom with us at all times. All we have to do is stop, be still and listen to the silent voice of the EarthSpeak.” Spirit of the Stones is a fascinating true story of the author’s unexpected journey into the heartlands of the Earth. Her journey begins with a compelling series of omens, dreams and visions, which reveal an ancient Earth assignment that she had begun in the ancient Anasazi Era. As an Anasazi shaman, she long ago encrypted vital spiritual wisdom into the red rocks monoliths of the Arizona desert. Lying dormant throughout the ages, the rocks now call her back to retrieve this treasured knowledge vital to humanity at this critical time of Earth’s change. She becomes in effect, the “Secretary to the Stones” and leads us on a journey from her native Australia to ancient Earth sites in Egypt, Mexico, the American Southwest and Hawaii, to listen to the silent voice of the Earth. Her “stone retrievals” teach us to: Return to the stillness in silence, ground and center ourselves within the “spin” of the world around us, merge the dualities into oneness and to embrace the sanctity of our own lives and the sacred living sanctuary we call Mother Earth. Inspiring and transforming, Spirit of the Stones illuminates our inner landscapes to re-presence ourselves with Nature once again.