L-rods are the best tools to search for Geopathic Stress, Earth Grids, lost objects and people etc.

L-rods come as a set of two rods, held in both hands. They are made in two sizes: long and short. The difference is the length & the addition of a witness chamber at the top of the long L-Rods.

Long L-rods have a ‘witness chamber’ at the end of each rod. The witness chamber allows you to place a sample of the substance or object you are searching for in it. This way you increase the sensitivity of the rods making your dowsing process a lot easier and faster (i.e you can put a few drops of water into the chamber as a sample of the quality of water you wish to find). If a witness is not used, the added weight of the witness chamber at the end of the rod adds extra stabilization (especially when rods are used outside where wind etc. can influence the movement).

Short L-rods are used mostly for health assessments, where the need for a witness chamber is not required. The shorter length allows for easier and more accurate reading of the energy field. Placing one rod over the Chakra will cause the rod to spin indicating the direction and energetic level of the Chakra.

Made of brass with wooden handle.