Sexual Health and Vitality: Ages 18-80

Medical Intuitive Sue Singleton shares what you need to know, to stay healthy, actually well beyond 80! Discover the adverse effects of viruses, bacteria, fungus, physical trauma, childhood or adult sexual and emotional issues, belief systems, toxins, EMF, as well as daily stressors, on your sexual health. Discern through dowsing or kinesiology the root Causes of your E.E., enlarged prostate, low libido, endometriosis, vaginal dryness, and more. What are the drugs that have an adverse impact on you sexually? What effect does nitric oxide have on your sexuality? What is male and female menopause all about? More importantly, learn what you can do to CORRECT these issues! Participate in Sue’s live experiential exercises and get your sexual health back on track, or prevent issues with it! Sue will reveal several helpful herbal remedies and other approaches that you can do at home. Learn why sex is good for you!