Explore the Light of Creation from Within

Join Aaron in exploring the Adamantine (God) Particle, the smallest particle of light that, when compressed, creates mass, produces Man-Woman. The light presented itself to Aaron in 1993 as the Energy of Life Integrative Healing process. It provided him the ability to transform energy: to manipulate time and matter from a place of peace, love and truth that is essential for our continued physical and spiritual growth. Seeing and acknowledging truth is what we will do collectively in our exploration of the Adamantine Particle, which is love. Let’s look beyond present-day science and at our ability to access and work with the light of creation. Through expanded consciousness we gain greater access to infinite possibilities. Peace, Love and truth shall reign supreme in this presentation. Leave your unworthiness at the door. At our deepest level, we ARE love. Discover what might be blocking your connection to love, Your true self.