The Inside Story of Maharishi, The Beatles, Celebrities and Me

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, guru of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, Deepak Chopra, Clint Eastwood, and countless others, first stepped onto America’s shores in 1959. Within 10 years he made “meditation” and “mantra” household words. His brush with celebrities put him into the spotlight. But his true legacy is his gift of Transcendental Meditation. Come hear fascinating tales and see photos depicting Susan Shumsky’s 22 years in the ashrams and 6 years on the personal staff of the most renowned guru of the 20th century.

In the ancient tradition of the East, disciples surrender to the gurus, and the gurus bring disciples to self-realization. Often starry-eyed disciples view this spiritual path through rose-colored glasses. Yet the transformation into spiritual enlightenment isn’t romantic. It can be devastating and shattering. Disciples don’t divulge how their gurus dig deep and expose their hidden flaws through harsh, demeaning, ego-smashing processes. They wouldn’t want to soil their gurus reputation- nor embarrass themselves. And gurus generally won’t reveal their closely guarded methods.

Only a handful of the six million people who learned TM know what occurred in Maharishi’s direct presence. In this presentation, Susan Shumsky will reveal secret ways spiritual masters work on their disciples (including his celebrity disciples), how her relationship with Maharishi transformed her, how she broke away to walk her own spiritual pathway, and what she found – her true Self.