Review by Judith Joyce Sara’s Story follows the compelling life journey of Sara Willis. Psychically aware from early childhood and physically strong and talented, as she grew into a teenager, her life changed dramatically at age 18 when the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis validated Sara’s sense that something had begun a slow, persistent attempt to ravage her body during the previous 18 months. Sara’s ever stronger spirit seldom wavered over the next 30 years as traditional medical protocols made little progress to tame the effects of her M.S. Ultimately,a serendipitous meeting with Dr. Wayne London, an independent medical researcher, brought new insights and a process of inner work offering dramatic improvement. Since age 9, Sara had felt a deep emotional connection to Native Americans, Apaches and Geronimo in particular. This was highly relevant to Dr. London, whose approach to healing acknowledges the effects of memories, past lives and sacred places. Dr. London believes that some auto-immune diseases can be caused by having something in one’s life that does not belong, and this metaphysical approach was taken with Sara. Dr. London explains his theories in more detail in a Medical Epilogue following the main story. I’ve known and worked with Dr. Wayne London for more than 10 years and I met Sara soon after meeting Wayne. They are both remarkable people in their own right and this account of their collaboration will profoundly expand the reader’s conception of what is possible in the world of healing “dis-ease.”