The Energetics of Trapped Emotions

As Dowsers we know that everything is energy and can be measured. Emotional energy can even be seen clairvoyantly. Emotionally charged events from your past often remain trapped and may inhabit your body. They can create pain, malfunction, and eventually disease. These events exert a dramatic effect on how you think your choices, relationships, and success. Sandee will teach a powerful and simple way to rid yourself of this unseen baggage and experience dramatic results ~ with something from your refrigerator! In these amazing times, we are all called to master and release our lower 3-D emotions. Find a new powerful, dowsing, and healing tool for more abundant health, love, and happiness. Don’t miss the chance to learn and understand the value of this experiential class.

Sandee Mac is a leader of personal growth and spiritual development in many fields including Hypnotherapy, Shamanism, Feng Shui, and NLP. She may be best known for her innovative work integrating it all with Dowsing. Sandee is a lifetime member and the current and first woman elected as the National President of The American Society of Dowsers. She has contributed to the field by integrating ancient, indigenous practices, modern leading-edge techniques, and new intuitive information for healing on all levels. Sandee is a popular speaker at many conferences. It is, precisely, living her life as a dedicated student that makes her an excellent and exciting teacher.