Madis Senner

Place matters. Sacred Sites in North Star Country tells how the land influenced the dramatic social changes that took place in greater New York State that shaped the world. It provides a listing of sacred sites to experience that consciousness.

North Star Country was the birthplace of the Women’s Movement and American Democracy, as well as the home to America’s Second Great Awakening. It has been called the Burned-over District for its spiritual wildfires and America’s Psychic Highway. It is a place where prophets walked, religions were born and great souls lived—Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, Fredrick Douglas, William Seward, Gerrit Smith…

“One of the Holiest places in the world,” is how the Sikh mystic and guru Baba Virsa Singh described Gobind Sadan his ashram in North Star Country.

The great Iroquois prophet the Peacemaker planted the Tree of Peace and gave his people the Great Law of Peace on the shores of Onondaga Lake. This Law would serve as a model for America’s founders and inspire the Women’s movement

It was here that the great mystic and teacher Swami Vivekananda, who introduced yoga and Hindu Vedanta to the West, achieved the highest meditative state of Samadhi, Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

The Spirit and Consciousness that motivated and inspired so many lies sleeping in the land. Come help reinvigorate it, tap into it and dream of a better world and in the process make a better you.