How to Use Your Magical, Practical Pendulum for Living Well

Dowsing opens doorways to creating change within for a wonderful life. This presentation shows you how to strengthen cosmic support for anything, from keeping you balanced and happy to decluttering easily (yes! This works!). Your energy connections help you balance mood, get things done, enhance focus and more.

This new channeled work has helped many people get unstuck and move forward with their projects. Do you need to write something brilliant? Make sure your Mercury connection is optimized. Need to focus? Get your money into gear? Find out how!

Come learn to use your pendulum to open the task-specific cosmic channel to universal support for “getting on with” whatever you are trying to do. Susan’s sources love to show her how to enhance brain function and well-being. Come raise vibrations and fun. Listen, participate and learn and then go share how doing these things will bring immediate, practical results! These are new, 21st Century pathways to higher human potential.