Single identity, focused intent, and well-defined parameters are required for us to have accurate dowsing on all levels. This allows us to engage in multidimensional clearing that enables us to break free of restrictive and limiting programs and malware, social engineering and belief systems, grids, holographic inserts, electromagnetic imprints, codes, outdated karmic cycles and agreements, detrimental chromosome programming, negative collective consciousness, radiation, energetic dynamics of disease and so much more. Being able to effectively use and trust your dowsing is essential in order for you to move forward. Get rid of what doesn’t belong to you and what no longer serves you. The time is now.

Handouts Included

CYNTHIA BRUSH-PIRES – Along with her husband, Rio, Cynthia offers multidimensional work for self-empowerment, healing and real positive change.  Cynthia, an Intuitive Dowser, Certified Special Educator, Health Coach and Reiki Master facilitates the spiritual alignment of an individual by identifying & clearing detrimental information & programming which can prevent spiritual growth and healing on any level.

Cynthia has written a manual for energy practitioners titled, “The Intentional Effect: A Guide to Clearing and Healing with the Power of Intent” and is working on another. Both Cynthia and Rio offer individual and group sessions, workshops and gatherings.