Renova is a healing/therapeutic pendulum to work on the spot as well as remotely.

Renova is an excellent healing/therapeutic pendulum working with whole spectrum of White Light.

It can help you to:

– re-harmonize whole physical and subtle energetic bodies

– clear and balance chakra system

– clear EMF pollution from our energy field

– clear people as well as spaces (homes, offices etc.).

Renova pendulum creates a big sphere around a person or space and throws all unwanted energy (either un-healthy, used energy, or mental manipulation, undesired radionics, Geopathic Stress etc.) outside of the bubble, where it is neutralized by Universal power. However shape of Renova may remind you of Isis and Karnak pendulums, it is neither of them.

Renova is fully safe to use and – as all healing pendulums – self-clearing.

Made of brass.


2 5/8″ long.