Margaret Chaney

There are polar differences wherever we look; some are obvious, some extremely subtle. Human beings have a polarity of male and female in order to exchange energy and perpetuate the species. Now we find that planet Earth operates the same way. All environmental substances appear to be polarized into two diverse groups. We humans do not escape this disjunction; each of us seems at conception to be earmarked for one or the other of these poles, just as if we were environmental substances! And as far as the planet is concerned, that is exactly what we are; the planet uses us for its own purposes.

Consequently, there is for each of us a benign part of the environment, where we as individuals are sound, and a part where, though others do, we do not thrive. This is why so much medical and nutritional advice is contradictory; advice meant for all is accurate for only some, and inappropriate for the rest

We are two strains of people, not one, and there are two precise and opposite groups of foods and other natural or man-made items, one suitable for each type. These groups look innocently similar, but don’t be fooled. One group will nourish your body and let it operate at full strength; the other will quietly drain away your energy one bite or one contact at a time.