by Cassandra Eason
The idea of psychic protection may seem quaint to urban dwellers of today. But it has long been appreciated by wiser minds than ours in more enlightened societies. Take the concept seriously and it will bring you greater peace. There are people today who live with stresses and tensions all their lives. If you feel as though you may be one of tem then don t worry a moment longer. I can help you. Everybody knows that stress and tension cam ne generated within the family or by colleagues at work. I would be surprised if you knew that other things can also play a part. Certain kinds of building for instance tower blocks, metal-framed homes or warehouses can adversely affect relationships. Dowsers describe these buildings as having black rivers running through them. If negative energy has already wrapped itself around you, then it can be dispelled using herbal incense, candle rituals or crystals. If such energy is only beginning to envelop you, then you can deal with it by erecting a natural defensive shield to protect yourself.