If you have never used the pendulum or dowsed this is a great starting point. If you are experienced this is probably not for you. For those new to reading pendulums and dowsing you’ll be reading in as little as an hour. For experienced dowsers, please note this is a beginner’s guide and an introduction. The Pendulum is one of the simplest divination tools and one of the oldest. However, it is often misunderstood and misused, giving the person holding it confusing information. Learn how to use your pendulum and protect yourself spiritually in this simple introductory guide. What you get in this guide: My story/history for perspective and understanding of how I came into my gifts. This is followed by an easy to understand and easy to use basic introduction to reading the pendulum for yes, no, maybe answers, easy ways (uncomplicated) to protect yourself and your space energetically, followed by sample questions to ask your pendulum, closing your session, and next steps. Short book. Easy read. This is an easy read adapted from the handout guide I used in workshops to teach the Pendulum and updated with a new prayer for spiritual protection during spiritual guidance sessions and in a new lay flat format for paperback.