Presented here is a revolutionary healing system that goes beyond just asking your pendulum questions. Detailed step-by-step instructions take all the guesswork out and guides you to success. You will develop a solid foundation in pendulum healing while being able to incorporate it with any other healing modality you may already practice. This book is the ultimate source of information on the subject and suitable for both beginning and advanced healers. In this book you will learn: • The difference between pendulum healing and dowsing • The energetics of pendulum healing and the mysterious Negative Green • How to use a Universal Pendulum for healing • Protocol for emotional healing with a pendulum • Application of pendulum healing to any magical practice • Healing of past lives • Clearing of negative entities from people and places • Pendulum healing protocols for Alien/UFO abductees • Financial healing for both personal finance and business • Healing for weight loss • An extensive summary of healing protocols for easy reference Erich Hunter Ph.D. is a leader in the field of pendulum healing. Currently people from around the world are learning his techniques and helping others while increasing the consciousness of humanity