The Pendulum Instruction Chart Book is perfect for assisting you or your friends in acquiring a safe, practical and effective foundation with developing your Intuitive skills and abilities.

This guidebook is for the beginner to advanced student with a step-by-step program combining what many have said to be the most thorough and easy to grasp pendulum instruction along with the most complete pendulum charts for all of life’s challenges available.

If you are not already having effective and accurate results with you pendulum work, you may want to see this book. In learning a new skill, we as adults feel that we “should” be able to just jump into advanced work without having a solid foundation. This, most often, can lead to inaccurate or ineffective answers. I always say, “your answers are going to be Only as good as your questions.”

The art and science in developing your intuitive skills is really about learning how to form and flow your questions. The pendulum charts on the other hand are to assist you in shifting from your mental mind to your Intuitive mind. This is where you can learn how to journey with your pendulum charts to get to the place where you are able to access your infinite information, knowledge, and wisdom. This in turn will allow you to make better choices, create greater success in all parts of your life, while increasing your health, wealth, and total well-being.

The combination of the pendulum instruction and the pendulum charts is now a complete package offering you or your friends a way to knowing your Intuitive mind for everyday problem-solving and decision-making skills.