Osiris is one of the most effective Egyptian therapeutic (in Europe known as healing) pendulums.
Osiris comes in different sizes both in brass and wood – the size and number of half-spheres determines the strength (intensity of radiation) of the Negative Green vibration. The regular Osiris contains four elements or half-spheres – these act to amplify the intensity of the vibration. One of the primary uses of Osiris pendulum in dowsing is for remote healing (the trasmission of healing vibrations over long distances). It performs well for this by utilizing the vertical Negative Green as a carrier wave for the intended healing energies of the sender.
Osiris is also used in medical dowsing in Europe for direct treatments in cases where the potentially harmful vertical Negative Green vibration can be effectively used to treat cancerous, bacterial and viral cases.
For those not wanting to work with such a strong, potentially harmful Negative Green vibration, we also offer:
‘One-Element Osiris’ which has only one half-sphere and therefore is a much weaker transmitter of this vibration
but can effectively use it as a carrier wave.

‘White Osiris’ which is equally as effective as Osiris but safer to use. By ‘White’ we mean it radiates only the visible part
of the white light spectrum and not the potentially harmful part.
Because of Osiris’s geometric shape, it radiates the Vertical (electric) aspect of the Negative Green vibration. Hence it must always be dismantled when not in use as Negative Green is a potentially harmful vibration.
Measures 4cm/1.5″