Laughter, Energy, Awareness and Dowsing 

Science has proven that laughter is a healthy mind-body exercise. People in “Laughter Clubs” have fun developing the ability to create ongoing laughter to reduce stress and improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. In this Laughter Club for Dowsers, Walter uses dowsing to reveal the energetic states behind laughter. Experience 12 different styles of laughter, activating various chakras and energy-centers in your body, and dowse to discover which types of laughter are best for you. By dowsing, learn the secrets of taking a “Happiness Break” to bring out your youthful energy, help you feel good about yourself, and look happier and more attractive. And dowsing, along with an exciting new consciousness technique called “Interactive Mindfulness,” can help you consciously create different emotional energies in yourself—be more friendly or more detached, dynamic or fun and easy-going.