Notice how your body feels. Now ask your body this question: Would I get at least 100 times the value out of this book, compared to what I paid for it? If something doesn’t feel affirmative, look elsewhere. If something does feel affirmative, ask if this book would greatly help you on your path. If you get another affirmative, do consider getting this book. Our lives are the crystallization of the questions we ask. If you want to change your life, it is as easy as changing your questions. Tony Robbins discusses Power Questions, however he, and other authors, only offer a few examples, in their books, of the kind of questions in this book. This book offers numerous kinds of questions, enough that you can notice the patterns, and ask your own quantum power questions, beyond what is listed here. Run your fingers down the pages, see which question feels right to ask. This book has over a thousand times as many quantum power questions as any other book we’ve ever read on the subject. We have not found any other books quite like this one. The left brain model of learning is to ask questions of compiled information, or to use compiled information to assess phenomena. That’s fine. There is another path- asking questions to open up awareness, which can move into direct knowing, with the entire Universe as the readout device. I sometimes read books where I know most of what’s in them. That is not so interesting. I much prefer books that have tantalizing hints of awareness outside of my comfort zone, that are confusing. I went through college feeling confused, stupid, and in shock. I intentionally kept myself in that state- by seeking out the new, and unfamiliar, based on my fascinations. I knew I was growing, if I felt that way. If I had felt like I knew everything, already, that would have indicated that I wasn’t learning anything, that I was decaying. There is no stability as such; there is only growth, or decay. I chose growth. Life is a series of problems to solve, or growth opportunities. The easiest way to solve problems is to ask questions. You can be in the fast class, or the slow class. You choose… this book is for those who want to advance, quickly, in fun ways, learning to use questions to open up multi-dimensional awareness. Traditionally, seekers would find those who were “farther down the path”, Sensei, in Japanese, and learn from them. In our rushed, modern culture, books can do some of what the masters used to do. This is at least more efficient. I was always seeking spiritual masters when I was younger, and very frustrated when they didn’t show up. I read as many books as I could, figuring that while I was waiting, I could at least prepare myself. When the student is ready, the teacher appears, right? And for me, when the student was ready, the teaching appeared, only I didn’t realize the books were the teacher. Quantum power questions bring in new possibilities, open portals, return us to our true selves, shape our lives, suggest new paths, take us down our life path, take us out of work and into play, widen awareness, and take us into multi-dimensional reality. They are a fun way to play with the Universe, and move into and explore previously unknown areas of consciousness. They take us back to the kind of fun we had as children, when the whole world was an adventure! This book is substantially similar to the book Quantum Power Questions, though it is focused somewhat differently.