Free Will: Friend or Foe

Dowsing involves a degree of letting go of control that is difficult for many. For example, dowsing whether to end a relationship has advantages and drawbacks. We give up a degree of our free will and allow Spirit to help us find answers we need-and part of us may not want to do what the pendulum says. How do you lead “normal” public lives with pendulum in hand? Grab your dowsing tool and let’s have an open discussion of the implications of what the Spirit called Kryon recommends: “Let Go and Let God.”

Mo Wheeler is a multidimensional spirit that is here to help the planet move forward. She channels a variety of guides that spontaneously come through her physical body. Be ready to be entertained by dolphins and possibly healed and cleared by unseen helpers from faraway places. Mo is a retired Adlerian psychologist, energy psychologist and university professor. In 2004, she founded Energy Healing Partners and now works regularly with a group of volunteers.