By Richard Benishai

Mission: Mother Earth is the story of an unusual collaboration between the author, a professional geobiologist, and a group of extraterrestrial entities referred to as the Family, which is channeled by an African man named Geema. Under the guidance of the Family, Benishai undertakes a journey to find eighteen high-energy geographical points in Israel, to connect them into a major energy artery of the planet, running from Damascus to Egypt. The activation of these sites, as it was intended several thousands of years ago, was to clean the Noosphere of negative energy, to raise the energy level in the Middle East, and to trigger a quantum leap in human consciousness. The results of his journey are being experienced today that are arising in that region. Benishai’s energy work has led to a major positive reconfiguration of the energy flows on planet Earth through the repositioning of energy rings around the planet, which will lead to an era of peace and harmony.