Akashic Messages Throughout the Ages

The Akashic is the energy field from which dowsers receive their information. It is where one goes when one is in a higher state of meditation. As humanity is reaching a higher state of consciousness, more and more people are able to access the Akasha.

There are accounts of people accessing the Akasha throughout the ages. From Merlin to Da Vinci, Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce, the knowledge and wisdom of the Akasha has been shared with mankind. The Akasha is referenced in the holy books of all the major religions, and knowledge has been acquired from the Akasha for the development of many civilizations. The science of the Akasha is explained by Einstein and in the theory of Cosmology.

In this class you will learn what the Akasha is from both a scientific and spiritual view point. You will learn about people who have accessed the Akasha throughout history, as well as the many uses in modern times. There are many ways to access the Akasha, including being able to access your own Akasha Records. In this class, I will share many messages that i have received while in the Akashic Reacords. Learning about the Akashic, the Akashic Records and the Akashic Field opens a new realm of existence to help people heal, understand their life’s purpose, and gain wisdom to help to elevate people to a higher plane of consciousness. By accessing the Akasha, one will experience ultimate love, knowledge and truth.