Sacred Dance for Grounding and Expanding Consciousness

“In its sacred form, dance is a language that reunites the body, soul, and mind. “~~Iris Stewart, Sacred Woman, Sacred Dance: Awakening Spirituality Through Movement and Ritual.

Practices that help us to center, ground, and expand our consciousness are crucial for accurate Dowsing. Sacred dance and movement are valuable tools for reaching and cultivating these states of increased receptivity. Through these practice, the mind entrains with the body, and both grow increasingly more receptive to the universe. Engaging in sacred dance and movement can enhance the experience of the body as a trusted form of spiritual intelligence.

This presentation will begin with a slideshow exploring the human heritage of dance as a tool for grounding, self-discovery and transcendence. Participants will then be led through several archetypal sacred shapes of dance. We will finish with an experiential dance celebration.